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Deutsch Passion Suzhou is a professional business consulting company ,this company and its parters specializing in corperating tax ,finance ,customs ,supply chain ,auditing ,corporate training ,consulting and services .This company owns the varities of experienced speciality and complete operating platforms , classified as the customs ,tax ,trade ,supply chain ,corperate training ,as the current policies and regulations under subdivision and interpretation module ,forms company’s unique advisory system ,point to point service model to provide enterprises with professional and visiable consulting service .

The company engaged in enterprise introduction program customs feasibility analysics ,project approval ,risk assessment ,health examination , AEO general and senior certification,customs software design , the flow of goods and capital flows integration, trade difficult counseling, special economic zones policy interpretation and other services, at the same time ,the company engaged in corporate transfer, relocation, collapse, bankruptcy and other issues including customs, laws and regulations of finance ,practical operation.

Trading in the company ,mainly to inquire about the program for the subject, accordiate with program implementation ,the company itself manages three platform companies, two partnership companies ,to build three-dimensional and comprehensive consulting, trade, logistics, supply chain comprehensive service system to solve customer operations in meeting objective problems.

The company has completed the initial construction on a one-stop service for small and medium enterprise about electronic trade platform, online trust, online orders, offline inquiries, logistics tracking and other accessorial functions, to achieve a written authorization, the annual online commission orders convenient services . The future will further improve the online system, combined Multi-function and inquiries - integrate a comprehensive trade services platform.
The company will rely on the platform next to the platform to change the traditional business model of trade, bring trade finance, foreign finance products for foreign trade enterprises to reduce foreign business stress, low transaction costs.

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